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Maize Harvest Update

Posted by Jeff Walling on Tuesday, August 16, 2011,
This is maize plantation, we expect good production as you can see, healthy plants about 12 feet tall and good cobs developing.

At this point of time, we have security in the fields, we are starting the process of harvesting as early as mid September, thus cutting maize and putting them into bundles/stacks to dry up, this will go for one month, then get the cobs from the plants, then shell, thus get the seeds from the cob to have clean maize seeds which we will dry unto 13.5% moisture co...
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Green Houses are Producing

Posted by Tisa Walling on Saturday, August 13, 2011,
First of all a big THANKS! to the generous people who are helping support this mission.

Without your help this would not be possible.  And every cent goes to the projects; no salaries, no administration costs. All goes to helping grow crops for the local people and schools.

Our Executive Director is now in Kitale, Kenya for an extended stay to oversee the farming project of 170 acres of maize and the finishing of the two green houses.

The maize is coming to harvest in a couple of months.  The cr...
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