Today was even better than yesterday!  
First of all, Bobba John went on and on about his boys being so happy yesterday with all the clothing, the food, the volleyball games, and all the attention they got.  So when we arrived today, they all had their new clothes on.  They looked absolutely smashing.  And they were so proud.  It just made your heart puff out like a balloon, they were so appreciative and thankful.
Then, we started cooking all the food.  It was the Muzungu's turn.  We cleaned the corn fresh from the field (maize to everyone here) and slathered butter, salt, and pepper on them, wrapping them tightly in foil and putting them in the embers of a wood fire. 95 of them.  Then my son-in-law Jeff cooked the "smokies" on a grill.  We had 280.  We had 12 loaves of bread, 20 cans of baked beans warming on the other fire, and mustard, ketchup and chili sauce (their choice).  Everyone started with a foil wrapped cob of corn, a smokie on a piece of bread, and the beans.  We fed about 60 people, and it got really quiet.  I thought maybe we had given them something they didn't like.  They Coney announced that we had plenty more, and to come and get them.
Oh my gosh, the crowd went wild...they ate all of them.  One of the boys, Oscar, had at least 10.  Two of the MFO workers came back 4 times to get more.  And little Shumacher kept taking his in the house, so we figured he was storing them for future hungry moments.
Then, we brought out the ice cream cups.  Most of the people there had never eaten ice cream.  They kids were so excited, and so happy that it was incredibly heart-warming.  The leader of the boys, Alex, gave a small speech thanking us and praying for us and the team that would be leaving next week.  They were just so sweet. 
One of the lollipop receipients from down the road (Cleafus) snuck in, through the cornfield, and stood by watching.  Between Lori May and I, he probably ate 6 hot dogs, a bowl of beans, and an ear of corn.  Plus half my coca-cola.  He looks to be about 5, so I have no idea how he could eat so much, except that maybe he hadn't eaten in a while.  The village children have very little.  Their clothes are tattered, and quite dirty, along with their noses.  Lori spent yesterday cleaning their faces with baby wipes.  They're adorable.  The smallest is probably 9 months old.  And she certainly lets us know she wants a lollipop.
It was such a great time.  And I am so proud of the boys and how they handled everything.  They made sure everyone was greeted, hand shaken or hug given.  They are wonderful boys.  And Bobba John's girls are just as sweet.  If we came here for anything, it was to give these boys a touch of love and care.  And they definitely let us know how much they appreciate us, and are thankful.  
Such a great day.  I wish I could express each and every moment.
Kwaheri from Kipsaina Boy's Home,
Mama Lani