Saturday, August 11

We have been in Bondo, Kenya for 2 days now.   The Foundation Stone Children’s Center, an orphanage started by our friends, Tim and Kathy Maclean, had a grand opening gala for the people in the area. 

The Macleans, now of Jacksonville, FL brought a team of 17, mostly kids from a high school focusing on theater arts.  They had been performing for a while in their city, trying to raise money for the trip, which was the vision of one of the students.   It was called Theater on a Mission.  They came to the orphanage, staying in the guest quarters for over a week, playing games and teaching the kids the parts they wanted them to perform at the opening.   They were super-charged with energy and I am sure the children there loved every minute of it.

The invitations included one to the brother of the Prime Minister of Kenya.  He is an MP, or a Member of Parliament.  And, he actually showed up.  Other local commissioners, deputy directors and the like were invited.  I think they might have had 400 to 500 people there.

A dinner of that size requires meat.  And the local store doesn’t carry that large a quantity of anything.  So, sadly, several animals had to give their lives for the feast.  Fortunately, I knew none of them.

I dined on white rice, brown rice, cooked cabbage, ugali (made from maize flour) and a chapati.   It was very good.  I am starting to believe in a vegetarian diet.   After receiving a rooster as a gift once, and then eating lunch with a different rooster on the floor next to me, with twine around his feet, I am unable to eat anything that was alive just 12 hours before.

The theater performance was really cute, with the kids from the center joining in, along with singing and dancing from the kids at Barkowino School, which is just down the road.  It seemed like a really special day for the town, the kids, and the visitors from Florida.

In fact, it was a good time had by all.  Except for a cow, several chickens, and I think, a goat.

Living on vegetables and fruit for the rest of my life,