Medical Provision
Missions for Orphans has become involved in providing care in local villages for jiggers, ringworm, and de-worming.  Occasionally we provide hospitalization.  Jiggers are a type of sand flea indigenous to the tropical areas in the soil.  For people without shoes or in unhygienic conditions, it can create open sores. When attached to the host skin, the female feeds by burrowing into the skin of its host and will plant eggs.  Lesions, inflammation, and infection are a result.  In extreme cases tetanus can occur, loss of limbs, or even death.  Going into the surrounding villages, we wash feet, treat jiggers, check for ringworm, and dispense deworming pills.  As a preventative measure, we fumigate homes for jiggers in the nearby villages.     


Missions for Orphans has had the opportunity to be involved in the Kitale, Kenya farming project.  In the neighboring village of Kipsaina, we have been farming 12 acres of land to grow local vegetables  and establish 5 greenhouses.  More photos of our farming projects can be viewed in our photo gallery.  The greenhouses are weather resistant, cost efficient, and can produce more than 4 crops a year.  With $3000, a single greenhouse can produce enough tomatos to provide for the boys home and allow an income for the widows ministry.  Tea has been planted, which will provide a sustainable and continuous crop for use and profit.

Kipsaina Boys Home is finished!  The total cost was $4459, completed February 2012 

Widow's Home  

In Kitale, we have begun working with a widow's minitry of 250 women.   We were also told that none of the women had ever held a job outside the home.  In this culture, when the husband dies, the brothers have the right to all of his property.  Many times, they are thrown out, or treated as servants.  None of the widows had ever been to school. As for their needs, they said that they were hoping for an opportunity of something that they could work on, providing some kind of income.  They wanted assistance with a project to help them, long term, in sustaining their families and village.  We have made a commitment to give them a tomato greenhouse and a bell pepper greenhouse in the village of Kipsaina The cost will be $200 a month, for maintenance and seeds.  We are so excited about this project, and the women already replanted in  May of 2012.




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