Missions for Orphans
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Urgent Need
The land that Missions for Orphans sits on has come up for sale, and it will be sold by 2021. Missions for Orphans has the opportunity to purchase the land for $70,000.

Missions for Orphans home base in Kipsaina, Kenya sits on an area of 12 acres of land. On that site sits not only the boys dormitory but also a church, a latrine, 2 homes (one for the house parents, one for visitors), the clean water well for the village, a greenhouse, 4 large fish ponds used for growth and consumption of tilapia, and 5 acres of sustainable farm land that is currently growing maize, beans, 4000 tea plants, and domesticated bee hives for honey.

Missions for Orphans Conservation Site is the heart of Missions for Orphans. It not only houses the Kipsaina Boys Home and crops to provide food for the orphans as well as the 150 widows that we feed and care for, but it also provides food for other families in the surrounding villages, income for the boys home, and is known as a safe water source for the surrounding villages. Missions for Orphans employs and provides for 50 people who live in surrounding villages to work and care for the 12 acres. Missions for Orphans works hard to help the community itself for medical issues, but also to help diminish the effects of poverty in the lives of not only orphans but also children and community members in the poverty stricken areas of Kipsaina and it’s surrounding villages.

Missions for Orphans is also dedicated to helping teach the people of Kipsaina different vocational training and skills to take with them to provide self sufficiency as the area begins to expand. The training we offer on Missions for Orphans Conservation Site are seamstress school, welding, brick making, bricklaying, and masonry.

If Missions for Orphans cannot purchase the 12 acres, we will have to shut everything down and move the boys to another area, away from their home and away from their schools. We will not be able to provide for the 50 families we employ to work the land and the community of Kipsaina would be negatively impacted greatly. Missions for Orphans is raising $70,000 to purchase the 12 acres of land. “Learn to do good. Seek Justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the cause of the orphans. Fight for the rights of the widows.” (Isaiah 1:17). We have the responsibly to the Missions for Orphans Conservation Site to keep it as an anchor for the surrounding communities and a safe haven for our orphans and widows. Missions for Orphans hopes with faith, that through you, God’s work that has been created here will remain the home base and continue as a place of sustenance and blessing for the surrounding communities of Kipsaina.

Please help us in building MFO’s future by giving to the land fund to permanently purchase the Missions for Orphans Conservation Site. We greatly appreciate all of your support.

100% of your donation goes towards funding these programs.

Our Mission:
Missions for Orphans is a non-profit organization whose calling is to diminish the effects of poverty in the lives of children, orphans, and community members in poverty-stricken Africa.

Our Vision:
To teach life skills, producing responsible adults with a hope and a future. Through education and vocational training, self-sufficiency can be achieved by producing renewable resources.

Our Goal:
Missions for Orphans will develop the means and abilities to complete these projects, provide the resources to enable and give the opportunity to not only help themselves but future generations. 

100% of your donations go directly to these programs and are tax deductible.