Missions for Orphans
Compassion. Purpose. Empowerment.
Missions for Orphans
We are dedicated to building farms and hothouses in communities, providing for widows and orphans during the famine crisis in Kenya, and providing medical care in impoverished villages for the treatment of disease. 100% of your donation goes towards funding these programs.

Our Mission:
Missions for Orphans is a non-profit organization whose calling is to diminish the effects of poverty in the lives of children, orphans, and community members in poverty-stricken Africa.

Our Vision:
To teach life skills, producing responsible adults with a hope and a future. Through education and vocational training, self-sufficiency can be achieved by producing renewable resources.

Our Goal:
Missions for Orphans will develop the means and abilities to complete these projects, provide the resources to enable and give the opportunity to not only help themselves but future generations. 

100% of your donations go directly to these programs and are tax deductible.