What We Do
“Through our willingness to help others we can learn to be happy rather than depressed.” 
-Gerald Jampolsky 
Our Focus
We are dedicated to diminishing the effects of poverty in the lives of children, orphans, and community members in poverty stricken Africa. 
It is our goal to provide school fees, school uniforms, shoes, and school supplies to the children of Kipsaina, Kenya and its  surrounding villages.  

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Vocational Programs
Missions for Orphans is dedicated to helping teach the people of Kipsaina different vocational trainings and skills to take with them to provide self sufficiency. The trainings we offer are seamstress school, welding, brickmaking and bricklaying and masonry.

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Medical Care
Access to the most basic medical care is difficult to have in Kipsaina and surrounding rural villages. The medical care we offer is basic treatment for Jigger removal, and medication for deworming such as ringworm and tapeworm. As a preventative measure, we fumigate homes for Jigger removal in the nearby villages. 

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When poverty is overwhelming in an area, it is important to give dignity not just charity. MFO has 13 acres of sustainable farming land that is currently growing Maize, Beans and 5 greenhouses worth of sustainable crop to help allow for an income as well as providing food for the orphanage and widow ministry. The greenhouses are weather resistant, cost efficient, and can produce more than 4 crops a year. 

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There are roughly 2.5 million orphans in Kenya, Africa. Missions for Orphans started out with a mission to help the orphans who could not help themselves. We help with orphans in surrounding villages of Kitale.  We currently own and operate a Boys Home in Kipsaina village. The boys home houses 18 boys ranging in ages from 2 to 19. 

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In Kenya, in very rural areas, often times women are chased out of their villages and homes by being disinherited and left homeless. Missions for Orphans has created a widows program in which we provide food for various widows groups and also cement homes for widows as the funding allows. 

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Ouya Clean Water 
Well Project
We began the Ouya Clean Water Well Project in April 2012. This well was dug by hand, 80 feet deep.  We cased the well for a cost of $800 to prevent collapse.  We finished it in May.

Kipsina Clean 
Water Project

We have also completed the Clean Water Project for the village of Kipsina was total cost of $2,226.00.

Total Cost: $2,226.00

Break down:

Water stand………………..$530.00

Water tank………………… $411.00

Pipes & fittings …………….$955.00


 This also provided local employment for 15 villagers.

Future 10 Acre
farm in Kitale

Distribution of maize during a local village medical clinic day

100% of your donations go directly to these programs and are tax deductible.