Widow’s Ministry
“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”
-Mother Teresa

Starting in 2012, after meeting with the widows groups, Missions for Orphans felt a need to help them. Through projects and providing income or sustanance, the widows ministry began. Missions For Orphans tried providing them jobs in the greenhouses, assisting our farmers in caring for the crops, assisting them in an acre maize farm, table banking, financial aide for medical emergencies, and giving them sheep and pigs to raise for a profit. However, after finding out that in 2007 they gathered at the boys home, under a huge avocado tree to pray for a church on the grounds of the boys home, Missions For Orphans realized that this must be a priority. Starting from using the boys dorm, then a tent, a brick edifice was eventually built. The widows came with tamborines, and other musical accessories, and danced down the aisle. They had found a home.  
Widow’s Homes
     Missions for Orphans works on helping the widows of many surrounding villages. We have built 21 homes for these widows so far, in need of more adequate housing.  In order to build a home for a widow, we need lumber to frame the house, concrete for the walls and flooring, and a tin roof. This is an upgrade from their mud walls and thatch roof. In this part of Kenya there is a rainy season. After a day of rain, most people will need to rebuild parts of their hut to make it functional. However, with the houses being built for them by Missions for Orphans, this is no longer a concern for those widows.
     To build a widows home it is an intricate process. There must be 10 wood posts purchased for the frame. After the frame is built they then add the tin roof. Once the frame and the roof are together the mudding process begins. The walls are mudded three seperate times. The walls are mudded, then left to dry, mudded again and left to dry, and mudded a final time and left to dry. There will be concrete added to the walls when the mudding process is done. The houses built will last up to 20 years.  To build a house for a widow the cost is $500 US dollars.    

 Widow’s Food Program
     Missions for Orphans has recognized the need for food programs in this area. For $39 a bag of rice can be purchased and split among the widows, giving them enough rice to feed their family for a week. The tilapia is grown on Missions for Orphans farming property. 
     Missions for Orphans feed more than 150 widows twice a month providing rice, beans, and sugar. Occasionally we give them tilapia and green vegetables. They are grateful and appreciative.  Missions for Orphans knew they had found their Mission.   
100% of your donations go directly to these programs and are tax deductible.