We are dedicated to building farms and hothouses in communities and providing for widows and orphans during the famine crisis in Kenya, and provide medical care in impoverished villages for the treatment of disease.  

                                                                                        Kipsaina Boys

Missions For Orphans (a 501c3 non-profit) grows local vegetables, hothouse tomatoes, and green peppers in Kitale, Kenya, producing food for the Kipsaina Boys home, which now totals 18. The feeding of 200 of the local widows, twice a month, is another project, which along with the harvest of 2 of the hothouses, helps them with financial burdens and medical assistance. We also have a clean water project in Kipsaina, and are starting one in another village.

Widows and Orphans

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 Beginning in 2008, we now have 12 acres of farmland, and 5 greenhouses. Our medical outreach program involves going to villages to provide medical help for jiggers, ringworm, and de-worming, plus occasionally providing for hospitalization. We hope to eventually provide food in these villages, along with the medical attention.

100% of your donations go directly to these programs and are tax deductible.

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